“Friends have assessed the state of this religious society through the use of queries since the time of George Fox. Rooted in the history of Friends, the queries reflect the Quaker way of life, reminding Friends of the ideals we seek to attain. From the Christian tradition, Friends have taken as a standard the life and teaching of Jesus, not only as recorded in the New Testament, but even more importantly as revealed inwardly, as we seek God’s truth and its expression through our lives today. Friends approach queries as a guide to self examination; using them not as an outward set of rules, but as a framework within which we assess our convictions and examine, clarify, and consider prayerfully the direction of our lives and the life of the community.”

– Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, Faith & Practice, 1998

“The advices have served Friends for many generations in their search for a life centered in the Spirit. Arising from the experience and aspirations of successive generations of Friends, the advices are illustrations of how they seek to carry their faith into all aspects of life.”

– New England Yearly Meeting, Faith & Practice, 1985

Here is a PDF of the full text of our Queries and Advices

Query for fifth month:  Education

  • Do we share our deepest beliefs and values with each other and with our children, while leaving them free to develop as the Spirit may lead them?
  • Does the meeting give the children loving care and promote their spiritual life through religious education and other activities?
  • Do we encourage our children’s participation in the meeting’s work and cultivate their desire for service to others?
  • How do we educate our members and attenders about the Bible (especially the teachings of Jesus), other spiritual literature, and the history, principles, and practices of Friends?
  • Seek for ourselves and for our children the full development of God’s gifts, which is true education.
  • Realize that education should continue throughout life and that all should share its opportunities and privileges.
  • Make time for regular personal prayer and worship and for reading the Bible, Friends literature, Faith and Practice, the queries and advices, and other sources of spiritual value.
  • Seek truth together in our families and among Friends in shared worship and discussion.
  • Teach by being teachable. Be open to new ideas and approaches.
  • Reach out to that of God in everyone, and endeavor to live out the testimonies of Friends in all the expected and unexpected circumstances of daily life.