AFSC Madre Tierra KIDS Meeting

Good Afternoon dear Friends

Hope this email finds you great! Lis-Marie and I feel really grateful for being able to meet you all yesterday and for your kind generosity and hospitality. As we mentioned to you at the meeting, it is really important for us as AFSC staff to find ways to work closely with our Quaker family. We are confident this is the beginning of some great projects and initiatives!

Per our conversation yesterday, I have added a list of items we need for our summer camp:

– Paintbrushes
– Magazines/Newspapers/Junk mail
– Hand soap and dishwasher soap
– Sanitizers
– Crayons
– Markers
– Colored pencils
– Playdough
– Paint
– Face paint
– Fabric scraps
– Glue
– Construction paper
– Tape
– Popsicle stick
– Glitter
– Pony beads
– Puzzles
– Board games
– Scissors
– Empty boxes

We encourage you to share our flyer in English and Spanish (attached) and to please follow us on our Facebook andInstagram! Also check out this recent article on the AFSC newsletter and interview with Fusion, featuring the Madre Tierra KIDS and AFSC Miami staff.

Attached you will also find:

– Flyer of legal services offered the 1st and last Friday of every month at the Bartram House

– Description of Summer camp

Once again thank you for your kind support and we’re looking forward to a successful collaboration.

Best regards,

Vanessa Urbina 
Organizing Intern – Miami Office
American Friends Service Committee

Madre Tierra KIDS English

Madre Tierra KIDS Spanish


Madre Tierra KIDS Summer Camp


The Madre Tierra KIDS Summer Camp is a one week bilingual (Spanish and English) program that aims to provide Central American/U.S. children from the age of 7 to 12 with tools that will help flourish their ability to become the creators of their own worlds. The goal is to challenge the anti-immigrant stereotypes and hate speech in politics and society on regard to immigrant children, their families and their culture.

The group will be comprised by 15 kids from Central America and Mexico that crossed the U.S./Mexico border unaccompanied or with a family member. Others are US born with undocumented parents. Their ethnicities are: Latino, Garifuna and Guatemalan Maya. The ages are from 7 to 12; half of them live in low-income urban areas of Miami migrant and half in Homestead, a semi-rural community.

Through the use of the arts (drawing, dance and music), the children will learn about the history of their home countries, the identity of their people (including food, music and dance), their connection with nature, and their experiences and rights as Central American/U.S. children residing in United States. As a consequence, they will be able to critically think about their realities and imagine the possibilities of creating and working towards a more inclusive, fair, sustainable and healthy world.

The camp will be taking place in Miami, FL at the AFSC South office located at 1205 Sunset Dr, Miami, FL 33145 from July 11th, 2016 to July 17th, 2017.


4"x6" Post Card Template
4″x6″ Post Card Template
4"x6" Post Card Template
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